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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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If you want to enter a clan click the clan button on the left side. You have two choices: you can found an own clan or apply to an existing one.

Founding your own clan

If you found a clan, you define the name, description and banner of the clan. Beware, the name of the clan cannot be changed later! Then try to recruit members, because there is no avail to stay alone. A Game Master must approve of the new clan - this process usually takes 1-2 workdays.

Apply to a clan

If you choose this option, you get the list of available clans. You can apply to a clan of your horde only! Application does not mean automatic membership: the clan will decide of your entry or refusal by voting.


If you have found a clan, the first task is to build a soul-well. Soul-well is a most significant thing: it represents the power of the clan and grants some soul-energy for building. Construction of the soul-well costs 5000 soul-energy so it is good to recruit some helpful companions! As a start a clan can have 5 members, so you must build 1000 soul-energy per person to make it ready. If there is less than 5 members, than more. If the soul-well is built, you may construct other buildings.
Henceforth the soul-well produces the soul-energy continuously. The bigger the soul-well, the quicker the production. The size of the soul-well grows when you build other buildings from your own soul-energy.
If you applied to a clan which has an accomplished soul-well, you have to fill it - this is a condition of entry! The bigger the clan, the higher amount of soul-energy is needed to fill in the soul-well, however you will enjoy the benefits of a stronger clan when you are ready. You can use the other buildings when you filled in the well.
The energy of the soul-well (even if it is filled in by a new applicant) can be used to construct buildings, however this function can be used by only those members who possess at least 3 votes.


As a start each member has 2 votes, but one of them can be given to a fellow member. A couple of things must be decided by voting: entry or firing a member, declaration of war, peace proposal, etc. Voting is decided by the majority rule, but counting the limit we take into account only the votes of the active members (logged in two days).


After building the soul-well you can construct more buildings. Most buildings have a level, which means that as you construct it higher, its efficiency is stronger. You can build from your own soul-energy or - if you have at least 3 votes - from the energy of the soul-well. By clicking the statistics button at a building you can find a detailed statistics about how much soul-energy is used by the members.
Sometimes you cannot construct a building until you have completed another one or more as a prerequisite. This can be see in the description of the given building. If a building is ready, each member who built or filled in the soul-well can use it.


If you leave a clan - either of your own free will or by the decision of your allies - the program stores the size of the soul-well. When you enter another clan, you do not have to fill in the well from zero but you get some bonus in the ratio of the soul-well of the former clan. Thus you get something for your labour, you can take a part of your work with you.


Each clan has an own built-in forum, which can be read only by members. No registration is needed for this forum, it works automatically. You can open more topics if you want to. This forum is the most effective method of communication for members, however you can certainly send private messages to your allies in the messages menu. The introduction and data sheet of the clan is written by the founder, but it can be modified later. Not only the members, but anyone can read this data sheet! Any member can suggest modifications to the data sheet, but it is modified only if the membership votes for it. If you do not want to vote for each modification, give 5 or more votes to some members - they can modify the data sheet any time, without consent.


On the main page to the right you can find the Support button (the hand icon behind the names in the name list works the same way). You can help an ally by transferring a part of your powers for a while. In this case all your ability scores will be decreased and the supported fellow's abilities will be increased by the same amount if he or she is attacked.This possibility is the most useful when someone harasses an ally and you feel quite safe.

Declaration of war

a clan can declare war upon other clans. If two clans are at war, the amount of robbed soul-energy will not be reduced after several attacks (there is no 80, 60, 40 and 20% multiplier, it stays 100% among their members), and the same player can be challenged more often (in every hour instead of 8 hours). In case of victory the lost soul-energy reducing buildings and skills do not work. a clan can surrender (by clicking capitulation on the main page of the clan - in case of enough "yes" votes), then some soul-energy will be transferred from the looser's soul-well to the winner's. The charge level of the soul-well can go to negative this way, and until it reaches zero, the clan cannot initiate a new war. After capitulation a peace treaty automatically takes effect. a clan must vote about the sending of a declaration of war, but the opponent does not have to "accept" it, the war will automatically begin in a few hours.


Two clans of different hordes can sign a peace treaty. In this case they are unable to attack each other's members. After cancellation of the peace there is 8 more hours while they still cannot attack.